Welcome to TJ Beans!

Located in the heart of Ganges, on Beautiful Salt Spring Island. Enjoy a nice hot lunch, lovely coffee, people watch  or surf the net on your mobile device.


Friendly Staff, Friendly Service

You can always count on the friendly service at TJ Beans.


Wifi and 5 different charging ports

Whether you are doing business or just plain relaxing, TJ Beans is ompletley device friendly.


TJ Beans now has a mobile device charger!

The Port supports many mobile devices such as phones, IPads, headsets, cameras, Mp3 players, iPods, portable gaming, and GPS. Odds are we have you covered!

Special on Lattes Everybody!!!

Better get down here quick because there are only so many cows and only SO much milk. Let’s face it…”Get them while it’s hot” is a bit of an overstament when it come to coffee no?